What is The Book of Water?

The Book of Water tells the tales of the Primordial Goddess of the Seas and her incarnations through various forms of media from Videos to Books and more! The stories told within are ones of love, light, joy but also ones of pain, sorrow, and loss... One said stories will be explored in The Sea of Memories!

What is "Arbitrium Studios' The Sea of Memories"?

The Truth Reveals All In Time... Especially in this upcoming book known as "Arbitrium Studios' The Sea of Memories!" or just "Sea of Memories" for short! It is the first book in the new timeline of stories written by Gracie from THE PLAYER ZER0. The book is a group of anthology stories that expands upon storylines introduced in The Book of Water like the Mystery of what happened on October 20th, 2020 or previously announced short stories in the PLAYER ZER0 STUDIO Discord Server like "The Spark of Hope..." which was originally delayed due to scheduling issues. "The Sea of Memories" is set release in Fall of 2024 with at least one prequel story set to come out later this year! So, keep an eye out for more news regarding the book and other projects on the Official Arbitrium Studios YouTube Channel because I will be posting updates leading up to the release of the first chapter of the book!

What is "THE PLAYER ZER0"?

THE PLAYER ZER0 is a variety gaming YouTube channel with a one-of-a-kind story that goes back years and is now starting to be greatly expanded upon thanks to this website and the upcoming stories! The channel tells the story of Gracie Thalassys Lovelight, a loving mother and former hero who just wants to play video games and grow her audience! New episodes are released every Wednesday and/or Friday at 3:33 PM Eastern Standard Time.